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Infant Care at Home

Infant Care at Home

As a new parent, it’s essential to understand your infant’s basic needs to ensure they grow up healthy and happy. This page covers the fundamental needs of infant care at home, including feeding, sleeping, and diapering. In addition, it provides tips by Private Care Center for creating a safe and nurturing environment for your baby.

Feeding Your Infant:

Feeding is crucial to infant care, as proper nutrition is essential for your newborn’s growth and development. It’s recommended that infants be breastfed exclusively for the first six months and then gradually introduced to solid foods. If you’re unable to breastfeed, the formula is a suitable alternative.

Feeding your infant on-demand is essential, as babies have small stomachs and must eat frequently. In general, infants must be provided every 2-3 hours or whenever they exhibit signs of hunger, such as sucking on their fingers or fists, rooting, or fussiness.

It’s also essential to burp your infant after each feeding to prevent gas and discomfort. Gently pat your baby’s back or hold them upright against your shoulder to facilitate burping.

Sleeping Arrangements:

Infants need plenty of rest to support their growth and development. So it’s recommended that infants sleep in the same space as their parents for at least the first six months to lessen the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

It’s essential to form a safe sleeping environment for your infant. It means placing your baby on their back to sleep, avoiding open bedding and soft objects in the crib, and keeping the sleeping area free from hazards, such as cords or toys.


Keeping your infant clean and dry is essential for their health and comfort. You should change your baby’s diaper every two to three hours or as needed if they have a bowel movement.

It’s crucial to use diapers that fit well and are absorbent to prevent leaks and rashes. Be sure to thoroughly clean your baby’s diaper area with wipes, a washcloth, and warm water, and apply diaper cream or ointment as needed to prevent irritation.

Creating a Safe and Nurturing Environment:

In addition to meeting your infant’s primary baby care Dubai needs, creating a safe and nurturing environment for your baby is essential. That includes:

Plenty of physical contact, such as holding and cuddling your baby, promotes bonding and emotional development. Talking and singing to your baby promotes language development and communication.

Creating a calm and peaceful environment, with minimal noise and stimulation, promotes relaxation. Providing an abundance of opportunities for play and exploration, such as tummy time, to promote physical and cognitive development. Thus, understanding your infant’s basic needs is essential for ensuring they grow healthy and happy. Feeding, sleeping, and diapering are the fundamental aspects of infant care, and creating a safe and nurturing environment is essential for your baby’s emotional and cognitive development. 

By following these tips by Private Care Center, you can provide your infant with the best possible start in life. Contact us today for newborn baby care Dubai and also get Home Saloon services for baby patients in Dubai by Private Care Center!