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Day Care Centre Dubai

Private Care is the most Trustable Day Care Centre Dubai

There is a lot of planning to do before your kid is born, and selecting the best daycare for infants for babies is one of those things. Medical nurses who specialise in the physical, behavioural, and mental health of children from birth to age 16 work in a nursery in Dubai. These nurses are essential to the medical care of your child since they are qualified to identify and handle a wide variety of childhood-related ailments.

While a regular doctor can provide routine medical care and treatment, a child’s needs and demands are frequently specialised. It is imperative that your child receive expert care and services that are intended solely for baby care. The physical, emotional, and behavioural requirements of children are areas in which our Private Care nurses have received particular training. We also teach our nurses how to identify and manage infectious diseases and illnesses that affect children, which conventional medical experts might not 

be able to handle.  Our trained nurses are well-equipped to monitor and provide even more expert care at our daycare center Dubai in the event that your kid requires specialized newborn care owing to premature delivery or any other health concern in the period soon after birth.

At Private Care, a daycare center Dubai, we have pediatricians with plenty of expertise who can offer the high-quality medical care and treatment required to guarantee that all the developmental milestones of your child are fulfilled and maintained. You must see your pediatrician and nurses for yearly checkups and child visits starting at age two and continuing until your child is at least twelve years old.

Newborn Care at Private Care

If required, hospital newborn care also includes emergency medical assistance. Additionally, it includes surgical procedures, examinations, and screenings. Your newborn will undergo the standard Apgar test shortly after birth. In addition, they will be given a hepatitis B vaccine, eye drops, screening tests, a hearing test, and a vitamin K injection.

What we help you with Private Care- The best baby care for Infants?

A medical professional will bring your newborn to you soon after birth if there are no difficulties, so you can begin skin-to-skin contact (sometimes referred to as “kangaroo care”). Skin-to-skin contact can: 

  • Make the transition easier for your baby.
  • Boost the milk output.
  • Improve the efficacy of breastfeeding